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TheSquatRack is nearing a public release - we're just finishing up some awesome features, cleaning up some issues, enhancing our automated testing, etc. If you'd like early access to the private beta, some pretty neat features, and support the site directly, consider subscribing to Charter.

What is TheSquatRack.com?

Workout Tracking
TSR provides an easy to use interface to track workouts including keyboard shortcuts, most-frequent exercises, 1-click workout copy, pre-scheduling, and more. TSR's goal is to keep all tracking done in under one minute, and we take that goal seriously.
Macro Tracking
Track your daily food intake with meals and macros. You can save commonly used macros and meals as profiles. Macro profiles can be used to 1-click track meals and macro goals for the day, keeping your tracking efficient.
Body-Measurement Tracking
From bodyweight to waist to chest measurements, it's easy to track body composition changes. As with the majority of graphs, TSR calculates moving averages to show trends in the data.
Supplement Tracking
Keep track of supplement intake to find patterns in caffeine usage, starting creatine supplementation, or adjusting intra-workout supplementation. Using the familiar tracking interface, tracking supplementation is efficient and easy.
Detailed Personal Records
Keep track of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10-rep personal records and more. TSR tracks a comprehensive amount of personal records to show you where you are improving and how you're doing it.
Workout Analysis
Performance graphs break down workout meta-data to find trends in volume, intensity, frequency and more. View a moving average of historical workout volume or how often you've ran in the last year. You train hard for your stats, put them to work for you.
3rd-Party Integration
If you have a Fitbit or Jawbone Up, TSR can sync all of your data for you ... just set it and forget it. If you're using other services such as LoseIt!, they do not have a public API but offer ways to export data, and now there's full support for facilitating the process with a [ TSR ] Chrome extension.
There is a lot of data baked into TSR and we organize it into the trackers and the dashboards. The dashboards give historical analysis about performance and trends, in addition to a full-sized multi-view workout calendar with drag-and-drop management.
Follow/Unfollow Users
Keep up with friends or athletes that you know and learn from them. You can friend or unfriend anyone whenever you'd like and privacy settings are always followed.
Privacy Settings
Your privacy is a primary concern at TSR. All backups are encrypted, all profiles can be set to private, each social feature has individual privacy settings, and we don't sell or give out any of your information, plain and simple.
Private Messaging
TSR has a private messaging system to connect users in a private setting. Users can only send PMs to other users only if the privacy settings allow it.
Early Access & Price-Lock
Charter users get early-access to features once they're passed the proof-of-concept phase. This allows TSR to get direct feedback from the users before the feature is locked in. Charter users are also on a grand-fathering plan, that is, they will never have a price increase and they will always have permissions to all current and new features.

Coming Soon...

Our feature pipeline is pretty comprehensive. On top of polishing up the mobile apps (Android and iOS), we're finishing up features and testing the next set of features. You can read all about the upcoming features, and you'll want because they're going to be amazing. These features were funded entirely by Charter subscriptions.

Workout Templates

Save your favorite workouts with dynamic values like body-weight. Logging a template will replace the placeholders with your current body-weight or %-PR etc.

Workout Routines

Quickly and easily progressions in your schedule, including deloads, adding/removing exercises, skipping sessions, repeating weeks, ending early, etc.

Meta/Dynamic Routines

Routines can adapt and change according to your rules and integrated metrics. Routines that stop when you hit your goal weight, push workouts back when low on sleep, etc.